Top 3 Space Saving Stashes for your Home No ratings yet.

Top 3 Space Saving Stashes for your Home

One of the number one complaints homeowners have about their homes is the lack of storage. Somehow as a society we’ve acquired a need for more stuff with no place to put it all. If you’re like most people, keeping your environment neat and organized is something you desire for your home and a necessary evil. Having ample storage cuts down on clutter and saves you time when organizing your space. Here are the top 3 space saving stashes for your home you

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Should you rent or buy a home this fall? No ratings yet.

Should you rent or buy a home this fall?

buy or rent choice concept, question, real estate business

It’s the eternal question; an on-going internal battle that’s progressed for years. Rent or buy? There are many factors to consider when it comes to renting a Tucson home or buying a home in Tucson. And though renting is typically viewed as having fewer risks, home ownership has potential for greater gains if you purchase smartly. So it’s time to start planning. Should you rent or buy a home this fall? Here are

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Top 5 Pool Safety Tips for Summer No ratings yet.

Top 5 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Portrait of a young couple in a swimming pool with their son and daughter

Arizona is called the Valley of the Sun for a reason and more often than not, people of all ages choose the pool as the perfect way to enjoy Arizona summers. However on average, nearly ninety people die from drowning in Arizona each year with the majority of those deaths happening between April and August. You can help prevent summer drownings by remembering these top 5 pool safety tips

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What you really need to know about rent to own homes 5/5 (1)

What you really need to know about rent to own homes

Why are so many people renting instead of buying a home? Due to lower home inventory, rising home prices, and stricter mortgage qualification standards, the rental rates in Tucson show no signs of slowing down. However, some buyers are finding a way around the cost of buying a home now by investing in a rent-to-own home for later. Rent-to-own deals, also known as a lease-to-own, require buyers to pay extra rents each month plus up-front fees of about five percent

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Paying rent on time may improve your credit score No ratings yet.

Paying rent on time may improve your credit score

By Cameron Huddleston

For those who don’t know, Experian started including rental payment histories in its credit reports and scores when it acquired RentBureau, a credit bureau that receives rental payment histories from apartment owners and managers. It was a great way for renters in the RentBureau database who made on-time payments to improve their credit score. That database includes only a fraction of the nation’s nearly 100 million renters, though.

To extend this opportunity to more renters, Experian announced that it is collaborating

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Rental Application Checklist No ratings yet.

Rental Application Checklist

Looking to rent a Tucson home but not sure what you’ll need? We’ve got you covered! Check out our rental application policy checklist below for the items you’ll need before applying for a Tucson rental property.


Government issued ID
Two most recent paystubs
2 years tax returns if self-employed or last 3 months bank statements
Landlord contact info for the last three years
At least one past housing reference.
Pet photo taken with applicant (if applicable)
Application fee ($35)

As a qualified Tucson property management company, we do business in accordance with the Federal Fair

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Top 3 Arizona Summer Pool Safety Tips No ratings yet.

Top 3 Arizona Summer Pool Safety Tips

They don’t call Arizona the Valley of the Sun for nothing! With summer temperatures finally in the triple digits, it’s no surprise Arizona residents choose to spend so much time by the pool to cool off. However, Tucson property managers know that the more people hanging out by the pool, the more chances there are for accidental drownings in Arizona. Unfortunately children make up twenty percent of the number of total drowning deaths in Arizona according to the Arizona Department of Health Services

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3 signs it’s time to drop your property manager No ratings yet.

3 signs it’s time to drop your property manager

“I love overpaying for bad service,” said no one ever.  And yet hundreds of Tucson homeowners and investors spend tons of money every month and get terrible service and results when it comes to their Tucson property management services!  Whether you are looking for someone to manage your Tucson home while you’re away or you own multiple real estate properties all over the Valley, hiring a bad property manager will ultimately end up costing you more money and time.  Here are 3

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Top 3 home inspection warnings to watch for No ratings yet.

Top 3 home inspection warnings to watch for

If you’ve finally found a Tucson home you love, it can be tempting to hurry and sign on the dotted line to make it yours. But if you rush through the home inspection process, you could miss out on areas that need major repair and can cost you hundreds down the line. Before you close on your home, don’t forget the top 3 home inspection warnings to watch out for.

1.) Solid Structure: If you or your home inspector finds warning signs such

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Protect your home this holiday No ratings yet.

Behind the twinkle, sparkle and dazzle of the holidays, safety hazards lurk; everything from fires to burglaries to accidental injuries increases this time of year. Every year, U.S. fire departments respond to about 230 home fires started from Christmas trees, according to a National Fire Protection Association study. According to the Arizona Division of Public Safety report, November has the highest rate of “pick pocketing” of any month of the year, while shoplifting crimes are highest in December. These chilling statistics are all the more reason to want to protect

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